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Raised Ink Business Cards

Raised Spot UV Business Cards
Raised Spot UV Business Cards

Raised Ink creates a tactile effect that shines on business cards, graphic design and any custom printed item. It’s is kind of a printing where the characters or picture are elevated over the surface of the paper identical to embossing. Having said that, In contrast to embossing, if you go through the back of the paper, it is sleek. If you run your fingers over it, you can actually feel the structure of the thermography (Same as Raisded Link). Raised ink produced business cards printing offer you a un-matchable visual texture whilst encouraging a fascinating and enticing aesthetic impact together with a enduring impact upon touch with its enhanced attributes. Roaised link busines cards frequently print with the combination of spot UV . Raised spot UV business card printing incorporates an exclusive spot UV procedure where a layer of UV ink is put on to your cards on a chosen section of your design.

Making the Print

It’s useful to be aware of what takes place under the surface to print out raised business cards so that you can make the foremost choice for your particular requirements:

An obvious high shine polymer to coat picked areas of the print.
This tremendous glossy finish is lifted to 50 microns high to make a tactile and embossed feel.
The outcome is an increase on your business card thickness from 16 pt. to 19 pt. for a tougher build

Pay attention: Raised spot UV business card printing is available in the popular 2″ x 3.5″ size.