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Foil Business Cards

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Crack the dullness of white and bland business card printing. If you print foil business cards, you put more twinkle to your brand. Gold edging, foil embossing and foil logos are some of the best ways you can craft the best business cards in Dubai. Foil stamping is a multipurpose approach to give your business card a high-end and personalized appearance. Add a elegant feeling on a foil stamped business card showcasing effects such as elegant metallic, ultra-glossy colors, shimmery pearl or distinctive textured and high-tech effects. Accessible in a range of finishes for example gold, silver or bronze printing. Aside from that, Colored foil printing in shades like red or black look impeccable too.

Foil Selections

Foil stamped business cards have the ability to pop with a range of foil types:
Gloss Pigment Foil incorporates a high gloss, but non-metallic end, with plenty of colors available.
Metallic Foil features a metal-like shine and glow, and is accessible in many different colors, including gold, silver, red, green, blue and copper.
Special Effect Foils for instance leathers, marbles, pearls or wood grains add interesting textures and appearances.
Matte Pigment Foil carries a dull, non-shiny finish in rich solid colors.
Holographic Foil runs on the hologram on the surface. It makes a spectacular “high tech” effect.